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Welcome to FitFoodFizio360 Rehab Centre, which has been opened with a special goal. Our focus is on connecting several aspects of a health-conscious lifestyle, which serves both physical and mental health.
For this reason, we work as a team – physiotherapists, nutrition consultants, massage therapists, Alexander-technique teacher and yoga trainers – to be able to offer you the opportunity of a full lifestyle change, beyond the traditional rehabilitation services.

Based on the previous, our services can be combined for the interest of maximal efficiency and on the first appointment, we provide professional advice of a plan synchronized with your goals.
Our team is here to help You, to reach your goals to become a healthier, fitter, better version of Yourself. Linking the above-mentioned professionals in a unique way, supporting to find and maintain mental and physical balance.

We are waiting for You in our studio in Zuglo, with long opening hours even on the weekends.

Our Team

You can reach us: Phone : 8750 305 0363+ 1604 694 0263+ E-mail : uh.063f@ofni


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