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Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a psychophysical method that, through awareness of faulty, dysfunctional movement patterns, and correction of body use, results in the development of a new, optimal pattern of movement.

“I’m responsible for this world and myself.”
“I’m responsible for everything I live.”

Lack of all these causes various problems on the physical and mental levels, such as stress, fear, anger, confusion, lack of confidence, self-harm, self-destruction, sadness, etc.

“Every movement is preceded by a thought.”

It is in this state of mind that all my thoughts are born that will affect my movements, my thoughts. They are the physical manifestation of these, the varying degrees and locations of muscle tensions that deform the body.
This is not a form of exercise or therapy. The key to control and control our own body and spirit.
What is Alexander Technique? – STUDYING AWARENESS

Who do I recommend it to?
    • For anyone with back pain, neck, shoulder and headaches
    • people with joint disease
    • people with breathing and sound problems
    • to solve stress and chronic fatigue
    • musicians, singers, dancers, athletes
    • people with disabilities
    • those with concentration and learning difficulties
    • as part of rehabilitation after accidents and injuries
    • for those who want to achieve a higher level of body awareness and awareness.
Technology can have a great impact on our quality of life and health if we learn to control ourselves properly.

What do you have to add?
Stop what you’ve done so far!
A qualified Alexander technique teacher can help. It shows you where you have distorted yourself so far, in which parts of your body have accumulated some tension. Beyond the physical plane, the spiritual causes of this are also revealed, since lasting healing can only occur if we, as a human being, are viewed as a physical-spiritual entity.
You will notice that your body is not doing what you think it is. We do not know anything about them, so we find ourselves, obstructed by ourselves, unconsciously.
I will introduce you to your obstacles and work together to overcome them. However, this depends greatly on your willingness and desire for change.

The change: It’s about learning how to stop your usual mechanisms! Meanwhile, you can experience what you are capable of.

What does a watch look like?
The lesson takes 45 minutes – concentrated learning
It consists of 2 parts:
    • desktop recumbent work, where you can experience a complete relaxed state of muscle tension
    • in the second part, we take advantage of this liberated position to learn how to execute everyday movements without tension, under your guidance.
Throughout the lessons, you can experience what the joy of moving really means.

What do you bring with you?
    • soft pants
    • socks
    • comfortable top

I look forward to experiencing a new experience!