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After almost 2 years of rehabilitation complaints and after knee 3 surgery (2 cruciate ligament + 1 cartilage), I came to Lilla as a patient.
With a lot of work and a couple of lows, I managed to put my knee back in shape after 10 months of therapy.
This 3 year old knee injury taught me a lot of things, but most importantly the importance of rehabilitation and, in my case, the physiotherapist. I had a lot of fun with it, and luckily, from the 6th month on, sports rehabilitation started, which is more like a regular workout than a physiotherapist.
Lilla is a very prepared and positive human gymnast (I don’t know which one to write: /)
It is important that you not only perceive it as a profession, but as a profession, and have a very wide repertoire of tasks / reinforcements so there is hardly any monotony in the gym.
With his youthful momentum and kind devotion he is one of the best physiotherapists in the world !!!!!!

Vencel B. , 18 Lilla Tringer

What I love most about Betty’s physiotherapy is that you always treat your patients individually and can tell you about 12,000 tasks that are tailored to your problem problém
In addition, he even keeps a specific treatment / training depending on what day he has, when he needs to be relaxed, and if he sees that he is more stressful, or I think he can physically prepare for any Olympics ??
I can only recommend!

Richárd G. , 24 Anna Bettina Németh

I had no idea where I was going, just curious about the new, the unknown. I turned to Adri with a lumbago and a sciatic nerve problem. I’ve been to a doctor, physiotherapist, masseur and pilates classes before. All of these helped me a lot, but as soon as I stopped each treatment, my complaints came back shortly. During Adrian’s classes, I was exposed to showering, getting dressed, and doing the same well-stroked movements as before. Between Adri’s hands I was completely relaxed on the table. When I get off the table, I feel like I’m flying. My waist also behaves well, all the therapy so far has been made by this technique.

Zsuzsi F. , 38 Adriennn Tringer