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Adriennn Tringer

Alexander Technique teacher

My life has been accompanied by the expression of the beauty of the movement, and I worked extensively on cultivating these sectors, which developed my body awareness. I started a family at a young age and then raised my 3 children for years.
Accompanying my first daughter’s movement development, I saw that the human body was perfectly organized. Then, she has been socialized in public institutions, in society, I noticed that the initially light, airy movements had changed, and under the loads (compliance, stress) they were almost distorted. I experienced these more consciously with the arrival of my second and third children. It was painful and I was helplessness because I had to watch the change in the once perfect work, both psychically and physically.
Then a very stubborn injury opened my eyes and I found Alexander Technique. My acquired knowledge helped me overcome the problems. It was a conscious learning under the guidance of my teachers, about myself and the world. This process has been going on ever since, and I am discovering new levels in myself and in my environment.
I would also like to approach those who approach me with a view to more fully experiencing and experiencing their lives and themselves.