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Anna Bettina Németh

Physiotherapist – manualtherapist

Hi I am Betti,

I earned my Bachelor’s degree as a Physiotherapist in 2016 at the Faculty of Health&Sciences University in Pécs, Hungary.

I grew up in an athletic family, so the movement has followed me throughout my life.
I started to get interested in anatomy from an early age and I liked working with people, so it wasn’t a question of choosing this path.

After graduation, I started working in the Accident Rehabilitation Department of the Manninger Jenő Accident Centre in the heart of Budapest. My experience here also drew my attention to the fact that not only rehabilitation but also health and prevention should play an important role in our lives.

In my work so far I have dealt with conservative and post-surgical rehabilitation of trauma/sports injuries and orthopedic diseases, spine problems, and functional training.

I always strive to provide the patients with the most appropriate, effective therapy for their problem, so I believe that continuing education is essential in my profession. I always structure the sessions in a diverse way, paying attention to the individual needs of my guests.

The sense of success that we achieve with my patients is what brings me joyful and motivated to work every day.

I am happy to help You!