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Mona Ángyán

Ángyán Mona
Phone : 8750 305 0363+ E-mail : uh.063f@ofni

Aerial Yoga Instructor

In 2019, I graduated at University of Physical Education, at Faculty of Recreation Manager and Health Promoter. In addition to college, I did trainings in parallel to be able to see one problem from different aspects, so I can help those looking for a healthy lifestyle. In 2017 I qualified as a bike trainer, in the beginning of 2018 I became an Aerial Yoga instructor and refreshing Masseuse too. Even this summer, I extended my palette through finishing functional training course. I like to examine the forms of movement from several aspects, to find more solutions to one problem. I believe that the health of our spine is one of the most important foundation stone. Moreover, I study the relationship between mental and nutritional health, which I believe is another base of our health.

Recreation Manager and Health Promoter (University of Physical Education)
Bike trainer
Aerial Yoga instructor
Refreshing Masseuse
Functional trainer
Aerial Fitness instructor
Spine yoga instructor