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  • 1 occasion9 000Ft
  • Tape1 500 - 2 500Ft
* Taping Depending on the are


Therapeutic massage

  • 50 min8 000Ft
  • 90 min14 000Ft
* back, shoulder girdle, limbs or full test

Lymphatic Drain massage

  • 50 min8 000Ft
  • 90 min14 000Ft

Relaxing massage

  • 90 min12 500Ft

Honey-Detox massage

  • 50 min8 000Ft
* backmassage

Slimming cellulite massage

  • 50 min8 000Ft
  • 90 min13 500Ft
  • +20 min back massage2 000Ft

Regenerative massage

  • 50 min8 000Ft
  • 90 min14 000Ft
  • Additional cupping therapy1 500Ft
* back, shoulder girdle, limbs or full test



Aerial yoga

  • 1 group training3 500Ft
  • 1 personal occasion7 000Ft
  • 5 session pass32 500Ft
  • Doubles Aerial yoga 1 occasion10 000Ft

Nutrition consultancy

Nutrition consultancy

  • Basic package 30 000Ft
  • Extra consultation5 000Ft
*2 Nutrition consultancy Basic package: This is a complete package that includes a status survey that assesses the problem and the steps needed to achieve the desired goal. The practitioner may request to keep a nutrition diary for a few weeks, and then start working together to develop a personalized diet if it is necessary. For maximum results and satisfaction, personal checks are required every few weeks/months to clarify issues and discuss possible changes. The starter pack includes a 4-personal meeting, which of course can be expanded later, based on individual needs and expertise.

The InBody body analysis

  • Within Other Services3 000Ft
  • As A Standalone Service5 000Ft
*3  The InBody body analysis: 3000HUF within other services. 5000HUF As a standalone service, one simple item with our friendly advisor. Nutrition counseling uses measurement.

Alexander technic

Alexander technic

  • 1 occasion10 000Ft